Relations with customers and consumers

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Eni call center performances   2010 (a) 2011 (a) 2012 AEEG (b)
Percentage of telephone calls of customers that spoke to an operator (%) 94.6 97.7 97.1 80.0
Average waiting time at call center (seconds) 112 102 105 240
First Call Resolution (FCR) (%) 86 88 88 -
Self Care (operations carried out autonomously by customers out of total operations requested) 21 32 43 -
  1. The data refer to the G&P sector (before the creation of a single Eni call center).
  2. Italian Regulatory Authority for Electricity and Gas.

Since September 2012, the toll free number 800.900.700 has been configured to be the only phone access channel to respond to all requests for service and information relating to gas, electricity and fuel for italian retail client.

This has resulted in three important improvements to the service: the creation of a single point of contact with Eni, a uniform customer experience and improvements in terms of service, including the extension of call centre opening times (access is free 24 hours a day, seven days a week).

Against a background of rising contact requests resulting from the increased number of gas and electricity customers and the extension of the service to the R&M sector, response performance has been kept almost at the same level. In particular, the percentage of calls from customers who spoke with an operator, which has improved over the years, stayed at 97.1%, in line with 2011. The number of requests resolved on the first call (First Call Resolution - FCR) also remained stable (88%). In this area, the number of operations carried out independently by gas and electricity customers (self care) increased from 32% in 2011 to 43% in 2012. This result has been achieved through the introduction of a series of new “automated” services, both IT services and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) telephone and web-based devices, which allow gas and electricity customers to meet a series of needs without requesting support from an operator.

G&P segment

G&P cutomer satisfaction on telephone services 2010 2011 2012
Eni customer satisfaction score (%) 87.4 88.6 89.8 (b)
Panel Average (G&P) (a) 87.4 90.8 90.6
  1. The panel analysed refers to companies representing more than 50% of the market with more than 50,000 customers. (Source: survey of the Regulatory Authority for Electricity and Gas (AEEG) on the quality of telephone services of electricity and gas sellers).
  2. Since the survey’s result on the quality of telephone services was not yet published by the AEEG at the date of the Annual Report’s publication, the figure is calculated as the average of the customer satisfaction score (SCC) detected by the AEEG in the first half of 2012 and the result detected by the Eni satisfaction survey in the second half of 2012.

In the Gas & Power sector there was further progress on the program of initiatives aimed at increasing the level of customer satisfaction and the quality of the gas and electricity service (approx. € 20 million investment). Against this background the customer satisfaction score (CSS) increased from 88.6 in 2011 to 89.8 in 2012.

2012 saw the enrichment of the portfolio on offer with three new gas and electricity packages for residential customers (“relax scacciaPensieri”, “young gas e luce” and “eni3”) and a new package for the business segment of the retail market.

Customer care activities, contract transparency and assistance for retail gas and electricity customers have been strengthened. In particular, the selection process for commercial partners was strengthened by integrating contractual tools aimed at preventing, deterring and sanctioning potential misconduct by the indirect sales force (commercial agents and home shopping vendors). In addition, an e-learning system was established to train vendors.

During 2012, the range of supply management services available to customers was also strengthened with IT services but also and above all with devices to allow customers to perform operations on their own contracts with complete autonomy and transparency.

The data on brand awareness of Eni as an electricity and gas supplier shows an increase compared to 2011 (spontaneous awareness increased from 42.6% to 44.9% and total awareness from 77.7% to 79.6%), with a huge leap ahead in the last part of 2012 (49.8% and 82.6% respectively). This coincided with the new “street art” advertising campaign, run in Belgium and France as well as in Italy.

R&M segment

R&M customer satisfaction 2010 2011 2012
R&M customer satisfaction index (likert scale) 7.84 7.74 7.90
Customers involved in the satisfaction survey (R&M) (number) 30,618 30,524 30,438

In the Refining & Marketing sector Customer Relationship Management (CRM) initiatives targeted at customers registered in the you&eni program were implemented, offering members bonuses and discounts following the adoption of good practice and involving program partners in the development of special offers to support the points collection. In addition, to improve service efficiency, a dedicated telephone line was established for the management of any reports of problems in the gas stations.

To meet the needs of consumers in Italy during the summer period, Eni launched the “riparti con eni” initiative, which provided for a heavy discount during the 12 summer weekends. This initiative had great success in terms of sales and positive impact on the retail market share.

To ensure excellent service, periodic training courses are held for operators on various topics, not only from the technical point of view but also on the relationship with the end customer.

Particular attention is devoted to training employees of operators dealing with customer care, with direct on the job training given in each of the over 4,400 sales points spread across the national network.

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