Technological innovation

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2010 2011 2012
R&D expenditures (€ million) 275 246 263
- R&D expenditures net of general and administrative costs 218 190 211
Tangible value generated by R&D activities (a) 540 730 1,006
Personnel employed in R&D activities (full time equivalent) (number) 1,019 925 975
First patent filing applications 88 79 74
Existing patents 7,998 8,884 8,931
Patents average life (years) 9.14 8.84 8.86
  1. Figures refer to E&P, R&M and Versalis activities and had been measured since 2009, when the measurement process started.

Eni’s economic commitment in the field of scientific research and technological development amounted to € 211 million in 2012 (or € 263 million if the general overheads attributable to research activities and amortization and depreciation are included, and if the contributions resulting from tax credits are excluded - as per Legislative Decree 70/2011, converted into Act No. 106 of July 12, 2011).

The share of R&D spending dedicated to partnerships with universities and research centers worldwide was about €30 million in 2012, more than 50% of which was directed to Italy.

In 2011, the method for measuring the tangible and intangible benefits created by Eni R&D activities (for Corporate Departments, the Divisions and Versalis) was completed with the issue of a specific manual, based on Key Performance Indicators (KPI) which take into account the special features of the various Eni businesses. Based on this methodology, the value created in 2012 by the innovative technologies of E&P, R&M and Versalis amounted overall at €1,006 million. The total final benefits recorded in 2011 amounted to €730 million (€492 million, net of the value of reserves). Compared to the cost incurred by Eni over the same years for R&D activities, the value created gives rise to a benefit/cost ratio equal to 5.7 in 2012 (4.3 and 3.1 respectively in 2011 and 2010).

The persons involved in R&D activities as at December 31, 2012 was equal to 975 full time equivalents, an increase compared to 2011 due to the reallocation of resources within the chemicals business.

In 2012, 74 patent applications were filed (compared to 79 filed in 2011), 44 by the Eni Divisions, 17 by Versalis and 13 by Engineering & Construction.

The size of the total patent portfolio at the end of 2012 is similar to that for the year before, with a marginal increase (0.5%). The balance of the data derives from the net effect of patents which have expired or been abandoned following portfolio review and new patents deriving from overseas protection of inventions. The average age of patents is similar to that recorded in 2011.

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