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Eni’s excellent market position and competitive advantages derive from the Company’s strategic decision-making which is consistent with the long-term nature of the business, and relies on a sustainable business model founded on a consolidated and distinctive way of doing business, in a framework of clear and straightforward rules of corporate governance and respectful of the highest ethical standards and rigorous risk management. In 2012 Eni laid the foundations for a new growth phase of its oil and gas production, one which promises to outperform the industry over the medium and long-term. In the meanwhile, Eni has started the reorganization of its downstream activities to manage the current European downturn. In the Chemical segment, Eni has progressed at repositioning the business to deliver sustainable results. Eni’s strategies, decisions in terms of resource allocation and day-by-day operations underpin sustainable value creation to shareholders and, more generally, all of our stakeholders: the host communities where we work and engage in promoting better socio-economic standards and responsibly using resources; our people to whom we dedicate our best efforts to preserve health and safety of the workplace and to enhance each individual’s contribution and diversity; our suppliers, partners and public administrations with whom we interact by running our operations in a transparent manner, respecting human rights and tackling with corruption; finally our clients to whom we offer competitive and up with the times commercial choices and high quality services.

Delivering on sustainable value

Follows the description of certain initiatives contributing to Eni’s 2012 financial and sustainability performance 1.

  • In running its operations, Eni is engaged in the responsible and efficient usage of resources, in respect of the environment in which it operates.

    The reduction in gas flaring is underpinned by our ability in monetizing our reserves of associated gas by means of marketing it in local outlets and LNG international markets, field reinjection and power plants construction. The Idu Project in Nigeria allowed us to economically exploit approximately 1.4 million cubic meters/day. These volumes which in the past were simply burned off have been recovered and used for local requirements. 90% of associated gas produced in Nigeria has been monetized and carbon emissions were reduced.
  • The effective use of natural resources and optimization in hydrocarbon production boosted to an all-time high the volumes of water re-injected, equal to 49% in 2012. The water re-injection project at the Belaym field in Egypt accounted for 99% of ground water re-injected compared to the total amount of produced water, increasing the hydrocarbon recovery index.
  • Our way of doing business, based on operating excellence, reliability of equipment and relentless focus on health safety and the environment, is committed to mitigating operational risks, the main threat to our upstream operations in terms of environmental and financial performance and reputation. This approach, based on the most advanced asset integrity methodologies for the development and production of fields, is applied in our operations and confirmed also by the next four-year exploration plan, mainly in frontier areas (deepwater, high pressure, high temperature wells that represent 3% of Eni total planned wells or Arctic activities) with the construction of infrastructure and equipment tailor-made for the specific features of those environments and fields.
  • Eni continues to upgrade the energy efficiency of its operations in order to achieve a rational use of energy and process optimization also by adopting Energy Management System (EMS). In the latest years some of Eni’s operational sites adopted these systems in accordance with the recently enacted EN 16001 or ISO 50001 standards. In future years more sites are going to adopt these standards. In the Refining & Marketing and Chemical divisions, energy saving initiatives concluded in 2012 allowed to reach savings of more than €60 million, with a reduction of 100 ktoe and over 297 ktoe of CO2/y emissions.
  • The enhancement of our customer base benefitted from the upgrading of the Eni brand, the offering of new products, mainly the “eni3” (gas, electricity and fuels), the launch of new fidelity and credit cards as well as the maintenance of high quality services. These drivers and other commercial initiatives (“riparti con eni” and “iperself 24”) helped boost our notoriety index and market share (up 3.5 percentage points the market share in the gas market; up 0.7 percentage points the market share in the fuel retail market in Italy), notwithstanding weak demand and competitive pressure.
  • Plurality is one of the distinctive elements of Eni’s business featured by a strong international note. Local personnel represent approximately 50% of Eni employees and covers 10% of the total managerial positions outside Italy. In 2012, in the E&P division, Eni launched certain development programs in its subsidiaries outside Italy through an assessment of local and international skills involving 1,836 persons among which graduates and senior staff/managers. The reward model, applied worldwide, targets to fairly define base salaries of all Eni’s employees. Furthermore, in 2012 a project has been launched which aims at benchmarking the worldwide competitiveness of the reward systems adopted by Eni, mainly referring to strategic and senior positions within the Company.

Eni is committed to the respect of fundamental labour rights in all the Countries in which operates promoting their application with its contractors. In 2012, a survey on the application of the highest labour standards has been made, mainly outside Italy.

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  1. Detailed information on sustainability performance are available in the section “2012 Consolidated Sustainability Statements”.

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