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Key performance indicators

2010 2011 2012
Employees injury frequency rate (No. of accidents per million of worked hours) 3.97 2.44 1.84
Contractors injury frequency rate 4.00 5.22 3.64
Net sales from operations(a) (€ million) 27,806 33,093 36,200
Operating profit 896 (326) (3,221)
Adjusted operating profit 1,268 (247) 354
Marketing 923 (657) 45
International transport 345 410 309
Adjusted net profit 1,267 252 473
EBITDA pro-forma adjusted 2,562 949 1,314
Marketing 1,863 257 856
International transport 699 692 458
Capital expenditure 265 192 225
Worldwide gas sales(b) (bcm) 97.06 96.76 95.32
LNG sales(c) 15.00 15.70 14.60
Customers in Italy (million) 6.88 7.10 7.45
Electricity sold (TWh) 39.54 40.28 42.58
Employees at period end (units) 5,072 4,795 4,752
Direct GHG emissions (mmtonnes CO2eq) 13.41 12.77 12.70
Customer satisfaction score (CSS)(d) (%) 87.4 88.6 89.8
Water consumption/withdrawals per kWheq produced (cm/kWheq) 0.013 0.014 0.012

(*) Following the divestment plan of the Regulated Businesses in Italy, results of the Gas & Power Division include Marketing and International transport activities. Reference periods have been restated accordingly.

  1. Before elimination of intragroup sales.
  2. Include volumes marketed by the Exploration & Production Division of 2.73 bcm (2.86 and 5.65 bcm in 2010 and 2011, respectively).
  3. LNG sales of affiliates and associates of the Gas & Power Division (included in worldwide gas sales) and the Exploration & Production Division.
  4. 2012 figure is calculated as the average of the CSS detected by the AEEG in the first half of 2012 and the result detected by the Eni satisfaction survey in the second half of 2012.

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Performance of the year

  • In 2012, Eni’s continuous commitment and the resources dedicated to safety allowed to improve significantly the main accident frequency rates. In particular the positive trend was confirmed for employees (down 24.6% from 2011), while the rate for contractors returned to levels lower than in 2010, improving by 30% from 2011.
  • In 2012, the water consumption rate of EniPower’s plants declined both in absolute value (down 11.2% from 2011) and per kWheq produced (down 13.8%).
  • In 2012, adjusted net profit was €473 million, almost doubled from 2011 due to a significantly improved in performance of the Marketing business in a scenario characterized by weak demand and rising competitive pressure. This performance offset the decline in selling prices reflecting in part the benefits associated with the renegotiations of the supply contracts, certain of which have been finalized after 2011 year-end and the improvement in the supply mix also following the full recovery of Libyan supplies.
  • Worldwide gas sales decreased by 1.5% to 95.32 bcm due to lower European demand and mounting competitive pressures. Sales in Italy were in line with 2011, while they declined slightly in European markets, in particular in Benelux due to competitive pressure and Iberian Peninsula due to the exclusion of Galp sales.
  • Electricity sales of 42.58 TWh increased by 2.30 TWh from 2011, up 5.7%.
  • Capital expenditure of €225 million concerned essentially flexibility and upgrading of combined cycle power stations (€131 million) and initiatives in gas marketing (€81 million).

Commercial agreements in the Far East

  • In January 2013, Eni signed a trilateral agreement with Korea Gas Corporation and Japanese company Chubu Electric Power Company for the sale of 28 loads of LNG (liquefied natural gas) corresponding to 1.7 million tonnes of LNG in the 2013-2017 period.

Entry in the French and Belgian markets

  • In October 2012, Eni launched its brand in the gas retail market in France and in the business and retail gas and power market in Belgium. The Eni brand substituted the local operators ones acquired in the past few years with the aim of becoming one of the major retail operators in France and Belgium while consolidating its leadership on the Belgian business market.

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